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British Keralites Onam Celebration
Grenfell Fire
Hubbard Pegman & Whitney to sponsor Bedford Park Festival 2017
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British Keralites Association Onam Celebration 11th September 2016
Chiswick Book Festival Opening Night
British Keralites Association 11th September
Chiswick Book Festival 2016
Bedford Park Festival 2016
Green Days Festival
Stage highlights – ‘Walter and Lenny’ & Shakespeare at the Tabard
Poetry highlight – ‘Poetry of Light’ Evening with Rowan Williams
Musical highlights – ‘Great American Trailer Park’ and Baroque Serenade
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New Twitter Account
Hubbard Pegman and Whitney LLP join Santander panel
Hubbard Pegman and Whitney LLP to sponsor Bedford Park Festival
Melanie Neale presented to Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal
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Please welcome Melanie Neale!
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Blue Chip Staff Association

HPW are proud to have supported the Onam Celebration of British Keralites Association on 16th September 2017.

Over 500 people enjoyed the traditional vegetarian  lunch served on a banana leaf and enjoyed an afternoon of cultural festivities including traditional dances, songs, and an variety entertainment programme that kept the audience enthralled till 9.00 pm.

Onam is a harvest festival celebrated in Kerala, India and all around the world by the Keralite communities.  While the mythology behind it recalls the time of a mythical king in whose reign the country enjoyed prosperity, peace and equality for all.   A message that resonates with us all and we all aspire to in our own time and place.

 Peter Augustine, our Conveyancing Solicitor is an active member of the British Keralites Association and is involved in various charitable and development activities including conducting public speaking and personality development course for teenagers.

In 2005 at 6am on a Sunday morning, the Buncefield Oil Terminal in Hemel Hempstead exploded with such force that it was said to have been the loudest explosion since WW2. Although a number of people were injured, nobody died, luckily because it occurred in a commercial area when most people who worked there were asleep at home.

This is not the case with the Grenfell fire. The images of the tower block burning and knowing that people were living there are heart-breaking. The community are pulling together to help. Questions are being asked as to how in the 21st century this can occur.

It will be hoped that those who might be responsible will come forward early and agree to help all those who haven effected.

Like with the Buncefield cases we were able to help individuals with a variety of problems.

Should you require any advice or help then please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Bedford Park festival in Chiswick is one of London’s best arts and community events and this year marks it’s 51st event,taking place between the period 9th-25th June 2017. It raises money for St Michael’s and All Angels’ church together with local the Charities.

Partner, Charlotte Pegman said, “We are delighted to sponsor such a fantastic event. We have been involved for a number of years and it has been great to see the event grow both within the local community and further afield.”

For more information on the event and for a full calendar of events please visit:

Christmas is traditionally a time for families, a season of good will to all. But what if you no longer live together as parents? Parenting after parting is no easy matter, even when relations are good, and that is not always the case. Each year in the lead up to the festive period, tensions mount, like an un-scratchable itch.  The reason? Well to some degree this involves a lack of planning or perhaps simply an understandable desire to avoid contact with an ex.  A few do’s and don’ts based on experience, personal and professional:


  • Make plans sooner rather than later;
  • Consider the practicality of what you are suggesting: where is everyone going to be and when?
  • Consider what the children want to do:  you know them best, what would do they really want to do?
  • Be flexible
  • Make any arrangements in writing so you are clear on what you have said and is going to happen.
  • Remember the law focuses on the children, their wishes and feelings and what they want, not on parents.


  • Leave everything until the second week of December……you can’t do this on Amazon.
  • Focus just on turns, as in “it’s my turn this year”: consider what your children want to do with you  and how you can do this
  • Pressurise the children by saying how much you will miss them etc: how would you feel in their shoes?
  • Tell their other parent what you have planned: parenting by dictat does not work, it causes resentment.
  • Respond to every email immediately and resist war by text: read, consider and respond to any proposal in a measured way.

If you start this dialogue earlier enough, clear arrangements can be made and if this proves impossible there is time enough for you to do something about it. Few family solicitors encourage going to court: it is a tool of last resort, but if you want a Judge to make a decision in time, bear in mind it will take weeks to get a case to an initial hearing, so sending papers to court must be done in a timely way. If you are having difficulty with your child arrangements, the assistance of a family lawyer can prove invaluable. HPW solicitors, based in Hammersmith, can assist you with all family law queries. Please contact our family law expert, Jim Richards, on 0208735 9787 or email,

Merry Christmas from all of the team here at HPW Solicitors.

We are closed from 22nd December (5.30pm), re-opening on 3rd January 2017.

Please do get in touch via our contact form and the appropriate member of staff will reply upon our return.

As a Solicitor, training is an ongoing requirement of my profession, to update knowledge, clarify concepts, challenge concepts and practices that do not seem to bear fruit and to take a fresh look at my own working style. Whether CPD points continue to be necessary for renewal of practising certificate or not, I firmly believe regular training is a necessity to maintain your sharpness and focus, and be successful in an increasingly competitive field.

Recently I was on a different type of training, one on how to make the best of networking opportunities. As always, a very rewarding and refreshing experience; being able to draw on the expertise of Neil Giller, the BNI trainer who has benefitted from networking for over 16 years.

People usually see networking as making contacts to create opportunities for your business. That is true. However, the BNI training gave networking a whole new meaning. It is not about making contacts, but making friends; developing knowledge, like/love and trust (KLT).

If you develop a contact that person may pass on your name, if he/she comes across someone needing the service that your business or profession offers. However, if you make a friend, that person will always look out for you, finding opportunities for you. More importantly, you have given that person the opportunity to be of assistance to someone else (family, friend), by offering the services of someone he/she likes and trusts (you).   Now, that changes the perspective of introducing clients, making it not a burden but a pleasure.

At HPW we stress on providing quality service and being accessible. We build relationships with our clients, without crossing the boundaries of professional relationship, who become not only our regular clients, but also our main source of new business through their own friends and contacts. It is networking in a very general way, because we strive to make every client know, like and trust us.  

We are delighted to welcome Jim Richards to our team at HPW Solicitors to form part of our Family Law department.

Jim has worked across the South East in Kent, West Sussex and London. Jim deals with all areas of family law, including co-habitation and financial disputes within divorce, often involving business assets. Jim has extensive experience of acting for parties within complex financial claims, involving pensions and the full range of assets from the substantial to modest. Jim also has experience of complex children cases, including representing children in such disputes. Jim is an experienced advocate and undertakes much of his own advocacy.

Jim is a trained collaborative lawyer and formerly an accredited member of the Law Society Children’s Panel.

Before qualifying Jim worked for 15 years in the Family Division of the High Court.

If you would like to speak with us about our Family Law services then do please get in touch by calling 0208 735 9770 or via the contact page on our website.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to buying a shared ownership home. However, the positives outweigh the negatives by far!

Shared ownership gives buyers who are eligible for a mortgage an opportunity to get their foot on the property ladder by allowing them to buy a percentage share of the equity in a property, depending on their financial capacity, starting from a 25 % share. They would then pay rent to the landlord (which is usually a housing association) on the remaining equity.

Shared ownership schemes also give owners the opportunity to ‘staircase’. This means that the homeowner can buy a further share of the equity in the property which leads to a reduction in the rent they have to pay to the landlord. A homeowner has the opportunity to eventually own 100% of the equity in a property. Therefore, shared ownership schemes offer an alternative way to own a home.  Most shared ownership properties are leasehold which means that the buyer will have to pay service charge to the landlord and also contribute to any works in the building.  However, even with these expenses and mortgage instalments, owning a shared ownership property is still more affordable than buying all of the equity in a property.

It is important to be aware that there are also disadvantages involved in owing a shared ownership property, for example conditions to owing the property may be that you are not allowed to let or sublet the property or make any alternations to the structure without the landlord’s written consent. The process of ‘staircasing’ can also be costly as you would be paying for the additional shares based on the current market value (not the initial purchase price). In addition, you have to pay a surveyor to value the property and pay legal costs. You would also have to pay stamp duty on the extra share that you have purchased when the share goes over 80%  and you may have to increase your mortgage or change lenders.

Here at HPW, we have acted for many shared ownership buyers and sellers and are very familiar with shared ownership transactions. If you are thinking of buying or selling a share in a shared ownership home or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Melanie Chandler fell victim to a beauty business that used equipment that had not been tested and staff that lacked due care and attention. The accident left Melanie with depression and anxiety issues, alongside physical markings, not something she was expecting on the back of what she hoped would be a simple procedure. With the help of the team at HPW, we are pleased to share that all efforts ensured the case was a success. We spent time with Melanie discussing her experiences of HPW:

Can you give some background on your case and the services that HPW provided…

 In October 2013 I was halfway through a course of laser hair removal when I suffered partial thickness burns to the backs of my thighs and bikini area. This was as a result of faulty equipment and the therapist’s lack of due care and attention when I told her that the treatment was far more painful than usual. The burns were so severe that I had to end the session early to go directly to Accident & Emergency with blistering and intense pain. It took about a month to recover, which included two weeks off work, huge discomfort, and multiple visits to the hospital to have dressings changed. Once the burns had healed I was left with multiple (around 60), rectangular pale patches from beneath my buttocks to the backs of my knees and all over my bikini area as a result of the melanin having been destroyed by the burn. I was told that the only options to improve the appearance of my legs in the short to medium term in skirts, shorts and bikinis would be to have some pretty drastic plastic surgery, otherwise just to “watch and wait” to see whether it improved over time. This whole episode massively affected my self esteem and confidence, had knock on effects on my relationship with my partner and ultimately contributed to me suffering depression and anxiety for over two years following the incident. The team at HPW ensured that I received the medical attention I needed, going above any beyond to ensure I made a full recovery.

How would you describe your experience of using HPW Solicitors?

I first approached HPW with some trepidation, having developed quite a negative impression of personal injury solicitors from aggressive television advertising I had seen. I had an initial conversation on the phone, and was expecting a “hard sell”, so I was really surprised that the solicitor I spoke to spent more time listening to me than talking. I went to meet him face to face and was taken aback by how “human” he seemed – he expressed concern and sympathy for what had happened which made me feel as if he saw me more than just the next sales opportunity. He also seemed very knowledgeable in my specific area and gave examples of not only the kind of timescales and compensation I might expect, which helped me to set / manage my expectations about what I was getting into; but also the treatment options that HPW could help me to exploit, which really made me feel that pursuing the case was about helping me to recover, rather than just a cynical pursuit of financial compensation. Once I had decided to pursue the case, I was guided through every step of the way with patience, discretion, understanding, and unobtrusive follow-up, which I really appreciated at times when things got on top of me and the last thing I wanted to do was write long, detailed reports about what had happened or submit photographs of my intimate areas.

 Around half way through my case, my solicitor left the firm and my case was reassigned.  I met with Melanie Neale who took over the conduct of my case. I was kept informed throughout the process and had a face-to-face meeting with her. This maintained my sense that I was dealing with a person and that my case was important to her. When it came to settling my case I really appreciated that she took on board my requests and feedback and it felt that she was advocating on my behalf to come to an agreement on my compensation. This was balanced with sound advice about similar cases and the quantum of damages it was reasonable to push for without jeopardising our chance of success.

Would you recommend HPW Solicitors to somebody else who is looking for a Personal Injury Solicitor? If so, why?

I would recommend HPW for all the reason outlined in bold above as follows:

• solicitor I spoke to at my initial enquiry spent more time listening to me than talking

• seemed “human”  – expressed concern and sympathy

• was able to recommend the appropriate medical experts, who were able to help me

• very knowledgeable in my specific area

• helped me to set / manage my expectations about what I was getting into

• made me feel that pursuing the case was about helping me to recover

• patience, discretion, understanding, and unobtrusive follow-up

• kept informed throughout the process

• sense that I was dealing with a person and that my case was important

• took on board my requests and feedback and it felt that she was advocating on my behalf

• sound advice about similar cases and the quantum of damages it was reasonable to push for

We are pleased to confirm that Melanie was successful in her case and that she has managed to move forward positively on the back of the accident.

If you have been involved in an accident or know someone who has, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Veera suffered a terrible road traffic accident in 2010 whilst visiting the UK prior to entering further education in her native Finland. Her case has taken 5 years to reach its culmination. With the help of the team at HPW, we are pleased to share that all efforts ensured the case was a success. We spent time with Veera discussing her experiences of HPW over the last 5 years:

Can you give some background on your case and the services that HPW provided…

I had a personal injury claim against an insurance company for injuries sustained in a road traffic accident in 2010. The driver was intoxicated and lost control of the car, causing me various injuries to my spine, neck, brain and face.

It was a long process, taking up to five years, to gather all the relevant evidence for the court from medical and other experts, family, friends and eyewitnesses. The entire process of collecting data was organized and handled by the HPW solicitors. They also informed me and arranged all other relevant matters, such as insurances in case of defeat, necessary payments to the court, and mediating between myself and others involved in the case.

How would you describe your experience of using HPW Solicitors?

I am very satisfied with the help given to me by the HPW solicitors. Despite of various sensitive aspects of my case, they handled it very professionally and were always highly considerate towards me.

Would you recommend HPW Solicitors to somebody else who is looking for a Personal Injury Solicitor? If so, why?

I would warmly recommend HPW solicitors to somebody else looking for a Personal Injury Solicitor. The communications were always very warm making the process less burdensome and painful. My case was handled with extreme care and caution in order not to miss any important evidence or facts from the Court. I always felt like my case was in good hands and never had to doubt the sincerity or effort of the solicitors. My case was successful and my losses were compensated to a great extent.

Having been injured in the UK, did you find comfort in the fact HPW have a Finnish lawyer with close links to the Finnish Consul?

I was informed about HPW solicitors by the Finnish embassy in London. In the beginning it felt quite important to have somebody there speaking my native language; however, I felt equally confident using English language.

I would like to thank Charlotte and the rest of the HPW team for their continued support throughout the entirety of the case. They have been extremely understanding and diligent in what have been some difficult circumstances.

We are pleased to confirm that Veera has gone on to complete her education at Malmo University despite her very limiting injuries.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident or know someone who has, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Senior Partner, Outi Hubbard was warmly received on Friday 30th September by Spear when she spoke at St Paul’s Church Hammersmith to a group of youths about her journey from school to HPW solicitors. Outi is a great supporter of Spear , an organisation that has helped over 2,500 young people into employment or education since launching in Hammersmith in 2004.

Spear’s vision is “to ignite a ‘vision of the possible’ in unemployed young people, to build their confidence and ability to effect life-changing choices; and to develop their leadership potential within the local community.” Spear is a project of Resurgo Trust which exists to galvanise neighbourhood transformation in London and beyond.

Outi is delighted to help such an organisation in the Hammersmith community and we are looking forward as a company to the continued relationship with the charity.

For more information on the charity please visit

Running up to and as a result of the EU Referendum, there seems to be a reluctance in the property market for buying and selling. Despite this, our property department remains busy with other transactions which include re-mortgages, lease extensions, transfers of equity, shared ownership purchases and sales, staircasing, redemption of equity mortgages, deeds of variation, collective enfranchisement, Licences to Assign, Statutory Declarations and Declarations of Trust. We always go the extra mile for our clients, even if it means going beyond what is normally expected in a conveyancing transaction to ensure that transactions are completed efficiently. Having access to highly experienced probate and property litigation colleagues make our work more insightful and enable us to deal with complicated matters. Being added to the panels of Santander, HSBC, Yorkshire Building Society and Accord Mortgages means we can now act for almost all lenders, making our services available to most property transactions.

It is very important to us that we achieve the best possible outcome for our clients and we are always readily available to speak to them should they have any concerns. Working together with all stake holders help achieve the results we target.

We are delighted to announce that Hubbard Pegman & Whitney LLP will be supporting The Mulberry Centre, a local registered cancer support charity based at in the grounds of the West Middlesex University Hospital. The charity’s objective is designed to provide support and information for anyone affected by cancer (whether patient, family/friends, carer, bereaved), offering practical ways of enhancing physical, psychological and emotional well-being.

HPW were delighted to attend and support  The Mulberry Saturday Social event which took place on the 24th September 2016.There are a number of activities planned throughout the day, with refreshments provided.

HPW have also agreed to help the cCentre by providing free monthly legal surgeries for their clients and families.  

Melanie Neale of HPW said, “supporting The Mulberry Centre is a fantastic opportunity for us. We are keen to engage with the local community and offer our expertise to those that need it the most. The cCentre needs circa £390,000 in donations every year to continue to keep its doors open and we are keen to help them as much as we can with this vital goal.” 

For more information please visit The Mulberry Centre website:

On the 11th September, members from the HPW team attended the British Keralites Association Onam Celebration at Featherstone High School in Southall, as HPW  was one of the sponsors of the event

 The event was very well attended with over 500 people sharing the traditional meal and a cultural show including the traditional welcoming of Mahabali, the mythical ruler in whose reign every one was equal and people had peace and prosperity. The Harvest festival is celebrating these values in the guise of a celebration put up to welcome the mythical king who visits his subjects every year during this time.


 It is the first time the firm has supported an event by the Association and it was a fantastic opportunity to become involved with the community and experience the values upheld by their culture. 

 Peter Augustine of HPW who attended the event said, “ the event was brilliant and we are delighted to be associating with this extremely vibrant community here in the UK and to be able to offer our services to the community. ” 

 For more information surrounding the association please visit their official website:

On a warm summer evening in the beautiful setting of Chiswick House, the HPW team descended on a thrilling spectacle to mark the opening of the 2016 Chiswick Book Festival. 

Taking the stage to discuss the history surrounding the current series depicting the life of Queen Victoria on ITV, the panel consisting of A.N Wilson, Daisy Goodwin, Anna Wilson-Jones and Torin Douglas put on an extremely though-provoking and insightful show.

To add a real sense of reality to the evening, Anna Wilson-Jones who plays Lady Portman in the series, read extracts from Queen Victoria’s early diary, even managing to find a piece which detailed a visit to the very venue we were sitting in.

Questions from the floor were answered with aplomb, with Torin Douglas playing an excellent host for the evening.

We are delighted as a company to be associated with this fantastic event and we look forward to continuing our support for the years to come. 

For a full calendar of the events taking place over the weekend, please visit

Hubbard Pegman & Whitney are delighted to be supporting this weekends British Keralites Association event at Featherstone High School, Southall. 

BKA is a registered charity serving the needs of the Malayalee and wider community.  The Association promotes cultural, social and sports activities for the community. Peter Augustine of HPW will be in attendance to support the event, he said: 

 “The BKA are a charity who we hold in very high esteem here at HPW. They work tirelessly to support their community and we are delighted to be able to offer a helping hand for what is set to be a brilliant event.” 

If you wish to attend the event, the details are as follows: 

11th September 


Featherstone High School, 

11 Montague Way, 




For more information visit

Hubbard Pegman & Whitney LLP are delighted to announce we will be sponsoring the 8th Chiswick Book Festival being held next month.

The festival brings together authors and readers through their love of books and the written word. All proceeds from the event are donated to three reading related charities, alongside St Michael & All Angels Church which hosts and underwrites the Festival. 

The event takes place from the 15-19 September in venues across Chiswick, with this year featuring some fantastic names such as Andy Hamilton, Shappi Khorsandi, Mark Watson and Jacqueline Wilson. 

For more information regarding the festival please do visit their website where you can find a full events programme and further information regarding the charities involved. 

We look forward to seeing you there! 

As the sun went down on the Festival Mass and Open Day at St Michael and All Angels Church on Sunday 26th June, the 50th year of the Bedford Park Festival came to its end following another glorious outing.

An extravaganza of art, performance, drama and poetry, the festival continues to achieve the purpose of its creation; celebrating and perpetuating the community’s creative foundations while raising money for worthy charities and causes.

As proud sponsors, attendees and local residents – we wanted to share our highlights of Bedford Park Festival 2016.

Bedford Park’s annual centrepiece, The Green Days Weekend, is one of London’s leading cultural summer events. The St Michael and All Angel led festival on Acton Green attracts thousands of visitors each year, all coming in search of live music, craft stalls and summer funfairs.

We were particularly entertained by ‘Leiths Live: The Chef’s Challenge’, which saw chefs from the cookery school compete live in front of the festival crowd, and the ‘Great Green Days Bake Off’ – expertly judged by Leith’s chefs! Famous festival openers from the last 50 years were also in attendance for a photocall to celebrate the festival’s landmark year. Faces such as Jeremy Vine, Alice Arnold and Rageh Omaar joined last year’s opener Fergal Keane and Sophie Ellis Bextor – who closed the day performing on the main stage.

St Michael and All Angels played host to one of our favourite events of the fortnight – ‘Walter and Lenny’ by Peter McEnery. Coming straight off the back of a sell-out run at the Chichester Festival Theatre, the play follows ‘West Side Story’ writer, Leonard Bernstein, while he was writing the much celebrated Chichester Psalms.

Shakespearean drama oozed from the Tabard Theatre theatre as it celebrated 400 years since the death of ‘the Bard’. A stirring performance of ‘Births, Marriages & Deaths’ by ‘Mr William Shakespeare’, was on show alongside ‘Shakespeare’ On Love’, the latter performed by members of the XV theatre company.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, fittingly led an evening dedicated to ‘The Poetry of Light’. South West London’s brightest poets read famous and self-written compositions in a joyous evening hosted by local poet and former Poetry Society Chair, Anne-Marie Fyfe.

Rosemary Ashe’s performance of the hits from ‘Great American Trailer Park’ – the new West End Show in which she stars – was a roaring success. Olympic ceremony openers, The London Welsh Rugby Club Male Voice Choir, put on a stunning performance. as did local BBC Young Musician of the Year finalists, Charlotte Barbour-Condini and Sophie Westbrooke, in their ‘Baroque Serenade Concert & Supper’.

Bedford Park Festival’s ongoing popularity has helped countless charities and hundreds of worthy causes based in Chiswick and beyond, a legacy we are proud to support and be part of. As a proud sponsor and local residents we want to extend our thanks to the organisers and for all the money raised for the Church and its worthy causes.

This year’s festival raised money for Rwandan Genocide charity Msaada, West London food and support charity The Upper Room, The Mulberry cancer support centre in Isleworth, and repairs to St Michael & All Angels Church.

We look forward to seeing you next year!

Hubbard Pegman and Whitney LLP are very pleased to announce our newTwitter account. Feel free to view to it for updates and firm news.

Hubbard Pegman and Whitney LLP are very pleased to announce that we are on the panel of Santander. This means that we can act for this lender where our clients have secured a mortgage offer with them. We are therefore able to provide a more efficient and speedy service to our clients avoiding the need for dual representation.

We can also act for both the client and the lender where our client has a mortgage offer from HSBC. We are currently on the panel for all major lenders.

If you would like to know more please contact Peter Augustine, Conveyancing Solicitor, email:

The Bedford Park festival in Chiswick is one of London’s best arts and community events.

It raises money for St Michael’s and All Angels’ church together with local the Charites. It really is a tremendous community event and this year between the period 10th-26th June 2016 it will celebrate its 50th festival. Hubbard Pegman &Whitney are delighted to sponsor this event and please see their to keep track of what will be available.

The programme will launch in May 2016.


On the 22nd February HPW lawyer Melanie Neale was presented to Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal last week, as a trustee of the Luton Citizens Advice Bureau. The princess was in town to perform the official opening of the CAB’s new offices. She was shown around the new building. Melanie says that the CAB already sees 8000 people each year, and that the increase in demand had made the new building essential.

‘The staff at the CAB work so hard to try and meet their clients’ needs,’ Melanie says. ‘Over the past years we have seen a dramatic increase in particular in concerns about debt, welfare, benefits, employment, family, immigration and other legal issues.

Charlotte Pegman , Managing Partner says ‘HPW are enthusiastic about looking beyond the legal view and becoming involved in the issues facing their clients. Working with organizations like the Citizens Advice Bureaux keeps us plugged in to people’s everyday lives and helps us see their problems through their eyes rather than through the sometimes narrow focus of the law’

Melanie Neale also works with the CAB in Chelsea.

HPW are delighted to receive confirmation that they have been accredited to be part of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme. This builds on the strength of our very strong property team.

If you have any property queries please do get in touch with Peter Augustine orAaron Newton.

HPW are pleased to announce the arrival of Aaron Newton , an experienced conveyancer. Aaron joins a busy property department which is working on all types of property Transactions within England and Wales, both residential and commercial.

We are pleased to announce that Melanie Neale, a specialist in Personal Injury will be joining us on the 14th December 2015 to enhance our developing Personal Injury team. Melanie’s main area of interest is in a range personal injury claims such Asbestos, Mesothelioma, Industrial Asthma, Carbon Monoxide, Industrial Accidents RTA (both minor and serious Deafness Cases , Product Liability, Industrial Deafness and Stress at work.

We are delighted to receive notification that our Charlotte Pegman has been certified as a scheme member of the Law Society’ Personal Injury Scheme .

This boosts the vast experience in the personal injury department at HPW

HPW are delighted to announce that we will once again be sponsoring The Chiswick Book Festival 2014. If you would like to know more about this fantastic local event, please visit their dedicated website

Peter Augustine has recently joined the Ealing chapter of BNI which is a referral network organisation whose main philosophy is ” Giver’s Gain”. Peter attends weekly meetings and the aim is to give regular referrals to fellow members. His chapter is very vibrant with over 42 members. Only one member of each particular profession or trade is permitted in a chapter. Therefore each member brings in a specific area of expertise into the group so fellow members can refer that person to his/her own contacts as and when needed. The members undertake to deliver the standard and quality of service expected of a professional for the price agreed with the client. Referrals are publicly announced and results of referrals and feed backs are monitored. These measures provide the members the confidence to refer a fellow member without it affecting their credibility negatively. It has also helped us provide useful contacts to some of our clients for their varied needs. So, if anyone is looking for any type of service from tradesmen or professionals – from plumber or electrician, builder, surveyor or tax consultant, etc. – feel free to contact Peter Augustine.

Hubbard Pegman and Whitney are very excited to have offered support to BCSA (Blue Chip Staff Association). This is a new type of trade union providing members with a better kind of protection at work. We have been able to help various people with injuries and stress claims at work who have had the benefit of advice from this tremendous and courageous new union. The feedback about this union is terrific and we are delighted to be able to help out where we can.

If you require any information about the Blue Chip Association or if you have been injured at work either physically or psychologically please do contact our pro-active Injury Team specialising in these areas by emailing Charlotte Pegman on or calling us on 020 8735 9770.